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Hey new guy here. Y'all can call me DuctTape. Currently in the design stage of a T Bucket car. Already have a 305/TH350 ready to drop into something just to cruise around in. Alot of good information so far I have gathered. Hopefully can learn more and get my build started.
Welcome From New Mexico..............Get er done.......
Welcome to the forum form Oklahoma! WelcomeAnim.gif
Hey Spanky, I was Just looking at the picture you posted above and fixated on your headlight mounting brackets. I am looking for something similar and all I can find are short 10 inch or less brackets. Do you have any idea where those brackets originated from or where a person can find a tall set of brackets? I think I have looked all over but never found any.
Hey Spanky, do you happen to know how tall (from top of frame rail to top of mount) yours are? Yours look so tall in the pictures and it is hard to compare the speedway ones online. I have some mounts that are 6 inches, and they look so short when mounted..
Thanks Spanky, I do like those mounts. Is your frame boxed where the mounts go or is it open C channel? If it were boxed, how would you bolt it on?

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