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new kid

jersey jim

New Member
hello bucketheads,

I'm new to this site, found the link on the NTBA website. I finally got my bucket on the road in September after 3 years,11 months and 7 days of enjoying the build. The first time I drove it, you couldn't have pryed the smile off my face with a crowbar. I love this car. It's a TP car with a few mods, I lopped off the bed and added a bigger spirit bed, cut a hole in the side for a suiside door so my wife can get in easily. took it to 2 shows and got 2 trophys and has already been in my town parade, I'm having a ball. I never expected people to give it awards and I certainly didn't build it for that reason. This is something that i drew the plans for as a senior in highschool, (1970) and now it is mobile. How cool is that !

Anyway, Hello to everyone and I'm sure we'll be talking again. I'll post pix in a day or 2

Enjoy the Ride

Sounds like you are having fun !!
Glad you found us it is a great place to be ..
Welcome to the site you will like it here. I am glad your dream has wheels now.:D
Welcome! I built mine in my head in the 70's too! Please provide details of your build experience with your pictures.
Welcome to the site Jim, I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of your bucket.
Welcome, you will have to post some pics soon! Again Welcome:razz::razz::razz::razz:.
Welcome to the site and like the others have said. You have to post up pixs of your bucket.
Welcome Jim! If you haven't figured it out yet, we are picture freaks. Looking forward to seeing your project.

This place will also put a big smile on your face! Enjoy it like I do.

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