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Boy was I happy to come across this site.

I am retired, live in Washington State and love working on cars. I have done a frame off 56 chev for my wife and a complete frame torn apart built up 40 tudor dlx. My 40 has a 276 blown flatty.

I just recently found and bought a 24T coupe that came with a TCI frame, currie 9" and speedway front end.

The T is nearly 99% as the body and fenders have no rust outs and the wood except for the top is rock hard and perfect. I can't believe it. I want to keep the body and fenders all stock looking and am having trouble finding info for the 24 T. I'm trying to find a pic of how the front fender support attaches to the frame.

I look forward to jawing with all you.


fourdy's photos and albums on webshots
Welcome to the site, we love pic too!:cry:
Welcome from Amarillo TX.

we love the pix!!!

Thats a Doctors Sedan or coupe very hard to find car.Very lucky you are very nice shape to.In our slang it's a TALL'T'.
Welcome to the site. There are a couple of other guy from up your way here. Got questions? We got answers!

I musta miss the pictures.....

Welcome Fourdy :ciao: has anyone asked you for pics yet? :D
Youngster said:
Welcome to the site. There are a couple of other guy from up your way here. Got questions? We got answers!

I musta miss the pictures.....


Here you guys...




These are just a couple of the shots Fourdy has posted on his website, figured I'd just show ya a little taste... clearly is going to be one nice build! :eek:

Well Fourty, :D I look forward to watching your progress on this rare bird... very nice catch... where did you find it? There are a few of us here from the PNW, I live in Sammamish, WA... where you hang your hat?

BTW, I couldn't resist posting this nice 276 blown flathead... sweet!


Almost forgot... as for mounting the fenders, you are going to have to get creative as that frame is not stock... but after reviewing your website, should not be an issue for you at all! Nice work!
hey Fourdy what were you drinking when you took these pics?The fender on the passanger side rear is the front fender:beer::D
Rick said:
hey Fourdy what were you drinking when you took these pics?The fender on the passanger side rear is the front fender:beer::D

Rick - - -

No beer involved. lol That is really the passenger side rear fender. The fenders don't fasten to the body side but suspended away from the body with a support rod. That funny shape you see is the curve for the splash shield and the flat bottom for the running boards.

LumenAl -
Thanks for bringing down the pics from my site. I'll get that process squared away before long.

I forgot to mention that the 48' sailboat on my site was built from the lines drawing up my my wife and I. We had 10,500 person hrs at launching and about 3000 more after to finish up. That counts only the time working on the boat, not visiting, shopping or coffee breaks. I have 2400 hrs in the 40 ford and then a few more hours in the blower motor. The 37 Dodge is my son's that he built from a rusted basket case. He lives just across a 25' foot dead end street from me. We each have garages, well his is a shop and we share big tools, a beer (from his shop fridge), soda, good talks and advice. He has a 50 chev convert with a blown 350 and is now building a T rpu. I am a very lucky Dad.

Yah, I was pretty sure I would have to take a little "thinkin" time for the fender mounts but hey, I like a challenge.

I live in Port Townsend by the way.

Thanks to all for your comments and I will keep you updated. I worked yesterday on removing the old top wood and comparing old to new. There is a small difference on some dimensions but nothing that a saw, sander, planer and epoxy won't fix. lol

Welcome to the boards! That 24T is nice! I would not chop it either. Even though I'm a fan of chopping, since it's rust free and that great of shape I'd leave it. It is your car though so do what you want to with it. As for the flat head and the 40, great job, that motor looks awesome! Can't wait to see what you come up with on this '24.
BTW, I see on your site you said "Shawn's 50 convert." I didn't know you bought me a 50 Chevy!!! Woo Hoo, early B-day present, thanks! :D
I'm sure Shawn would sell it to you for a price. lol

Right, no chop or metal destruction. We just really like the tall T look.

It will be powered with a non-blown flathead with a 200-4R O/D and 9" rear. Don't think I need the big 9" but it came with it so it works for me. It is actually a 31 spline.

Sounds like it is going to be a real looker. Might even be able to fit a few hot chicks in it after you drive it around some and they attract to it like a magnet... Nevermind I think hot girls now around my age are into imports and rice burners. :cry: :)
Hot girls my age are in walkers. :sad::)
Yeah. Want Duke said!!! That's alright though. They're easier for me to catch that way.

Fourdy, I didn't have to go to your web to know you are a serious builder. Any one could tell that from your shop pics. that coupe is great. A very nice score for you. I, fro one will be watching this build.

You said your son is building a T too. Is he here on the site? If not, tell him he has an unoffical invite to join us. Just can't have too many Bucketheads here.


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