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Hi all,
Mike Bynum in SW FL. I'm a long time mopar guy (explains the "handle"). My automotive tastes have been maturing and expanding over the past few years, now have a great interest in traditional hot rods.
I just found this place from a link on one of tfeverfred's posts over on the Jalopy Journal/HAMB. Looks like a great place.
I'm currently collecting info for a scratch build along these lines. Looking forward to it.

Mike, you will not regret starting a hotrod project. T-Buckets are about the cheapest hotrod one can build. Good luck on your future build.

Glad ya made it over for a look see, Dodge. Lots of great info on T Buckets here.
Hi Mike.


B-motored Darts, eh? I've owned a few Darts, myself. a '63, a '69, a '70 and a '74. When I was at Total, Brian and I had a long discussion about what motor I wanted to use. If I had any of my 340 stuff left, it would be no choice. Around here, the stuff is just too hard to find anymore. If you can find it, you can't afford it. I would love to get my hands on an early Duster of Demon, but they're all gone. The salt on our roads killed them all off, years ago.
Howdy :welcome:

Thanks guys for the welcome. I gotta show you something I'm enamored with. It ain't a T but it is a jalopy in the same vein. Here is the HAMB link and a picture or two.

It is a stock '33 Plymouth PD that Poverty Flats bought/sold. The body was trashed as a race car and was replaced with this simple flat wrap roadster body. Sure looks llike fun.

The T that I most like is the Chester Osgood Special,


Center seating, aluminum nose, looks of a european racer, hill climber. Cool stuff.
I like the looks of the Speedster. I bet it's fun to drive and looks like it would be a fun project.

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