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New MN member

welcome to the site from're gonna luv it here...grrrrr8 folks that share info...all ya gotta do is ask. where are you located??

Hidy Ho good neighbor! :lol: I'm in Faribault just north of Youngster. Jump in and have fun, just like a bucket.
Thank You I am in the St Cloud /Foley area, I look forward to a LOT of Info w one of these been doing cars for a LONG time (35 years) but never a bucket.Member of MSRA (#2551) and formerly of the Pantowners.(Don't like the turn that club is taking,$$$$$$$$$), I recognise a number of members here from the HAMB from when I was amember there.
MNRodder said:
Yep, finaly beat the cancer again and getting ready to jump back into the hobby w both feet. Or will anyway after the Kemo stops in Mid April.

Do you still have the plymouth or did she go down the road?
History , an 60's built 31 A PU, then a 37 Chevy Cpe X gasser after that, all of them needed to be sold to finish up some remodeling + take of my bills while I was sick. I am still doing my 40 Tudor now. The blue one I had at the end of my HAMB days. Got everything gathered ,welded and rebuilt. Its only paint and wiring now.the build slowed to a crawl a year and a half ago when the cancer returned.
Hi and a big Welcome Mike, I also used to live in Minnesota, a small town on Lake Minitonka, called Wayzata, do not miss the cold in Winter and the Misqutoes in Summer, pretty well lets out open cars for most of the year,,hehe but can't stop livin.. so build a T Bucket, the ride of a life time... Bar none...Ted Brown
Hello Mike, welcome aboard! Im up by detroit lakes, home of some of the best cruising minnesota has to offer!! not many buckets up here Im pretty sure we all know each other. lolol Havin a ball up north!!! Paul

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