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Well I picked up this T-Bucket on a trade for my Kawasaki Drifter motorcycle. I have always dreamt about having one and I finally do. Now to make it my own. I am not sure if I like the scoop on top I think I might put a couple of Velocity Stacks on instead. I think that would look cleaner. I know it has been done a lot but damn do I love satin black and some old school flames. (I just love the straight up oldschool hot rod thing) I might even put the Mexican blanket interior in it for this year so its not down to much this summer. Anyways I thought I would throw it out there how it looks now and when I get to working on it throw some more on the site. If you guys have any idea's and pics throw em my way. Remember I love the old hot rod get in it and go look. Thanks guys!



Man you did good. Great lookin car that is a great start to having a cool car. BUT one thing ditch the silly bars. Their dangerious and a cop magnet DELUXE. Other than that that is cool FO-SHO
Ok will have to take the bars off. I wasn't sure about them anyway. One day they look cool to me and the next they don't. It has a small block 400 supposed to be around 450 to 500 hp. 350 tranny. I have to change the break and gas pedals as for some dumb reason they are backwards. The brake is on the right and gas on the left. I think that would get you into trouble real fast..LOL I drove it for the longest I have so far and I noticed I'm getting a little bounce up and down from the large rear tires. Probably need a good balance. Small hesitation when I hit the gas sometimes wants to backfire but if I ease on it then go its fine. I don't have a huge amount of cash and want to keep it simple but still look nice so I was thinking satin black white pipes and a nice flame job to start with. I also dove into the powder coating thing bought a 800 dollar gun and in the process of building a 4'x4'x8' oven to do larger things. So I'm sure I'll be powder coating things as I go also.
I also agree the bars are cop magnets they attract fuzz. Nice first ride you will find things that you want to change after driving to fit you taste.Lets just say personalize it.
Sounds like all she needs is some ole TLC and she will start acting right again , Good luck and ask lots of questions and post lots of pictures. These guys know more about these cars than anysite on the net. Your plan sounds like a good one.
I agree with rooster, looks like a little TLC and your own ideas to make one great T. Good luck and keep us posted.
When we rodders look at someone else's car we invariably see things we would change..............we might not admit it, but we do. Here is what I would change on yours, not so much to better it, but just to get the rest of the car in line with the theme you are thinking of going with:

1) You mention you want to go with satin black and flames, that is cool. But that is more of an old school look, and some of the components on the car right now don't fit that theme.
2) First to go would be that scoop IMO.
3) Next would be the bars on the back, if you do nothing else, get rid of those poser bars.
4) The tunnel ram is more modern than the satin black, mexican blanket theme you are going for, so a lowrise 2 x 4 setup with some small aircleaners or individual scoops would fit the look better.
5) Those big rear tires are not of that time frame either, and that rear axle is really w i d e !
6) The star wheels are nice, but also from a different time frame than you are shooting for.

Those are just some things I would change, doesn't mean you would want to, or that someone else would want to, but just me. The other thing I would do is go over the construction of the car with a FINE TOOTH COMB. It looks good in the pictures, but that reversed brake/ gas pedal thing would be a big red flag to me. No one does that kind of thing, and it would make me want to check every weld, bracket, mount, and generally the way the car is engineered.

Hope you understand, not dis-ing your car, it looks like you got a good start there. Simply want to mention a few things that you might want to consider...........and you did ask. :lol::)

Hey Don, don't feel like you dis-ed me at all. If people get offended by that they have issues! That is the whole reason I posted on the board in the first place. I realize that everyone has there own opinions and I just wanted to see what some of them were from people that have been doing these for awhile. So far I'm getting a great response of idea's and love this forum board. I sat up late last night reading as many post's as I
I think what I might do is go for the satin black flames thing then slowly get rid of some of the other stuff. I am glad you didn't like the scoop either..LOL I think a set of velocity stacks would look cool. Anyway thanks again to all of you for posting information on a site like this to help us new guys out. It helps so much even the small stuff you think wouldn't. Take care guys and have a good one!
Hey Gunner, First thing is edit your profile with your city and state so we all know where your from. Then I would add a parachute to go with the bars. ye he he just kidding. It look so much like what I like I guess I would just change the pedals and drive er Woo Hoo!!!!!!
Da gummit, I thought you may be near florida and we could work out a trade. I am so in the beggining stages you could build exactly what you want and I could change the pedals on yours / Mine and we'd both be way ahead LOL. I work in Grand Rapids, Edmore and Plymouth Michigan now and then. I'll holor if I get near. Good luck with all your new build ideas...

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