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New Pics on a nice day


Had to take a few pics for the insurance company today. Installed new fuel pump while tank is removed for cleaning. Will be running new fuel lines this week and hope to fire it up next weekend.
Is that the Rochester Fuel Injection?If so is it hard to adjust?
Now tha looks like it's gonna be the star of the show! Looks GREAT! I'm digging the engine setup. Major points!
You bought yourself a looker. :cool::cool:
It cleaned up real nice clamper, you've got a sharp looking ride.
Rick said:
Is that the Rochester Fuel Injection?If so is it hard to adjust?
Yes it is off a 61 vette. Not sure how it runs yet, I've only got it to run on starting fluid so far. To many fuel problems to start with (fuel tank, fuel lines, and fuel pump all bad). We will see how everything works next weekend??????????? Looking forward to getting it started, once I have it started I'll need to see how the engine is. The guy I got it from said it is 12:1 compression sprint car motor, and it fouled plugs about every 50 miles. I want to get it running then check everything out and possible take the motor out and put 9.5:1 pistions and new rings in it if everything else is good?? Lots of little things but I'm very happy with it.:razz:
So fantastically cool! (oops, I used the "F" word :D ) You won't find too many other induction set ups like that on other buckets.
Nice ride! Have you fired her up? What's going on with the progress?
look for a retired gm mechanic. those things were a bear to dial in but once someone that understood them got it tweaked it's white knuckles and hair straight back time!!!
find an open stretch of road and you'll be showing everyone your pearly whites for days!!!

Still haven't fired it up:mad:. I have run steel braided lines and installed new fuel pump and filter but the tank is giving me problems. After they steamed it and cleaned it, it flash rusted. The shop wants to put a coating in the tank after they clean it again. I'm weighing my options on a new tank or stay with the original one, it already fits and is painted. My original one is about 22 gallons? Not sure since if this is too big or just about right? What is the most common size tank everyone is running?
Finished the front brakes and tried to start the engine up today:D, Took sometime to get all the air out of the system but it finally started and seems to run good. Now that I know the injection system works, I'll be pulling the the motor and trans and will rebuild both. Hope to get started very soon. Big relief that the injection system works.:D:lol::lol::lol:
a big thumbs up to you!!!!! enjoy!!!!!!


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