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New Shop!

Twisted Minis

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Well I signed the lease for the new shop today, got some keys and opened it up. I'm going to have the electricity turned on today, and it will get wired for all my 220 stuff this Sunday. The following week I need to get some work benches built. I have a 3x8 top with breaks in it, 1/8" thick for a table along the back wall. Along with my TIG table, the welders and drill press. Then I get to start moving stuff in, and pretty soon build a new frame table. I'm excited. This means I get to start on the frame for my 30 soon.



I'm going to have an open house the third week of July, with free food and free soda.
I do chassis fabrication, and air ride. Some light manufacturing as well for parts I build to sell. But chassis fab is what I try to focus on the most. Pretty versatile in what I can do though.
Congratulations! Getting a new space is always fun. Throw some paint on those walls before you get anything in there.

You know you've already outgrown it! :surprised:

Take care,

That seems to be the market that comes to me. But I have background in hot rods and lifted trucks as well. So I want to broaden my horizons. Hot rods is what I like though. I'm building my 30 Chevy, and a 54 F100 for myself.
Ya know I have said this before and was shot down due to Liability Insurance....But I think a series of small work shops would rent like crazy in just about any locality.
Simple places, a thru I-beam to lift engines so you didn't have some clown boy bringing down the roof. Load it up with fire sprinklers, 220V reciepticles in each unit...Kinda like BIG storage sheds only wired for shop tools, maybe a vent fan in each one, simple workbench built in. And RULES........ For what ever good that would do..... Just a thought. "BH"
Good for you Seth. A while back I read a post of your's, at SSM, where you were looking for some advise on renting, and going into business. I hope it goes well for you. There are a lot of Perks to being in the business... like Never paying retail for parts, or getting the newest, coolest parts to play with first, at a deep discount, or Free :razz: ... Vacationing in Las Vegas in nov. @ SEMA, or Orlando in dec. @ PRI, and writing it off on your taxes :razz:, And all the cool things you can write off as "advertising" ;). The air ride business is very competitive now. Specifically minitrucks on air. Your a good fabricator, try to steer towards the rods and customs, and use your fab skills and air ride knowledge in that market, and you will do well.
Congrats Twisted!!!! I have a feeling you're going to do real good. Check out the forum sponcership here. Great price and a ready market for your skills.

Congradulations Seth. I wish tou the best of luck.

Congradulations Seth. I wish you the best of luck.

are both bays yours? when i was doing chassis work and cages i needed 2 bays to make a decent living.. working on one project at a time i couldnt make enough to make a living..

still a nice building for sure.. if you have a fulltime job plus doing that on the side, that'll definetly do you..

cages are where the better money is... 6 to 12 points were all pretty good and fast money.. i was charging $100 per point when i was doing it, would definetly be more now because steel has pretty much doubled in price now..

good luck to you,
just keep focused , i've seen pictures of your work, you'll do fine if you can get the volume of work and control it...

do you have any jobs lined up to start with?
I just have one bay, total of 1000 SF. I can fit about 4 cars in there with all the tools. 5 if I get a lift. But 3-4 and work on them as well.

I currently have a waiting list of jobs booked out for about 4 months.

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