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New T-Bucketeer here


New Member
Hi All,
My name is John, I live in southern AZ. I have just purchased my first T-Bucket. I bought it from a guy here at work that was told by his wife he must get it out of the garage so she can put her car in there. It was not assembled when I got it but I believe I got a good deal. Here is what I got for my $3000. Complete T-performance basic kit, ford 9" with custom axels and 4.57 gears built by a shop here in Tucson, new drum brake kit, 16" wire wheel kit with chrome brackets, calipers and rotors, 289,302 and 428 CJ engines, C6 trans, Edelbrock 600 cfm carb. I sold the 289 and 428 so I can have some cash to put this thing together. I got $100 for the 289 and $2000 for the 428 so I only paid $900 for this thing. I'll get started putting it together after the holidays. I'll post pic's so you can see it. I hope this was a good deal.

Congradulations on a great buy. We here on this forum expect a lot of pictures.:lol: There are a bunch of good guys on this site that all to willing to give advice as needed. I live in MI. now, but grew up in Phoenix. Sure do miss the Southwest. All my grandchildren live here in Michigan, so I guess I will have to just die here. Enjoy your build.

Just lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Actually, he advertised it here locally but there were no takers. See my Pic's, it was a really good deal.
Welcome to the forum, John! Wow! Looks like you really didn't have a choice in that score. That's too much to pass up. I look forward to SEEING what ya do with it.
Thanks Guy’s. Now I’m trying to convince everyone that Santa wants me to spend all my money on the car and not presents for everybody.
Just tell 'em to check with us. We got your back.:lol:
Welcome, from one newbie to another. Sounds like you got a great deal. Good luck on convincing Santa.
John: Great buy! Should be easy to finish as Total has everything for it. Oh: and WELCOME. I'm a newbee myself but I like it here already. ea
JohnG said:
I'm going to get the brakes all plumbed and the engine set over this holiday time. Hopefully.

Good luck John and i suspect alot of bucketheads will be in there garages this holiday season.Alot of days there so lets get cracken guys.

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