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new t head


New Member
new to the bucket thing about building 1 maybe a tp kit or sprint should i go with seat insert will i need the wood kit well thanks hope to talk soon iam in ny long island
Welcome to the forum! Look around the site and at the pictures. Visualize in your mind what you really want your end product to look like and that will lead you to a frame and body. I put my vision down on paper and modified it as the $$$$$ went up.:eek:
welcome to the site tazz. if you do the wood yourself you have more control over how high or low you sit in the car. keep looking at pictures to get some idea of what you want. finding someone who has a t near you wouldn't be a bad idea if you could sit in one, you will know which choice to make.

Welcome aboard Tazz. Just look around and get some ideas. I am doing mine from scratch and so far I only have about $1,500 invested. I should be able to do it all for about $5,000
Welcome to the forum Tazzman, if you're considering building a T bucket then you've come to the right place.
Welcome to the site. It has really grown lately. You'll like it here. Good people and no smart asses.
Welcome and I agree go to shows or friends and see how You fit a big factor is how tall you are for a good seating position.Seats in buckets are not usually adjustable.
Welcome, from the title I was thinking there were some new motor parts available. I just woke up.

Either one of those companies are very good and have good reputations... I can't even begin to describe the valuable information on this forum... there are some really talented members with outstanding skills and knowledge... cool part is... they are more than happy to share, all you have to do is ask! :lol:
Welcome i am fairly new to the site also and i have found alot of cool info and little tricks i never thought of.
the Total kit with the seat insert is easy and nice sitting position
thank might take a ride to total to see some of them up close just have to jump a ferry then drive alittle ill let you know thanks again

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