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new to forum, and have questions already


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Hi all my name is Noah, and i need a little advice.
I just got ahold of a 1923 model t ford that has been at some point in its life, IM guessing in early 60's to a hotrod. has big slick tires all the way around a 60's vette 327 engine, hydromatic trans, and a ford rear end. the title, frame, bucket, hood, radiator, etc... are all original, as far as I can tell the only thing that has been changed is the drive train/steering stuff. anyway not running, and was wondering if there were any suggustions, as to what I should do with this. would love to have an old hot rod, but not sure if i should build a frame, and replace everything but drivetrain, and bucket, or what other ideas some of you might have, ill try and attach pics. thanks




Welcome to the Forum Noah.My suggestion to you is....Sell It To MEEEEEE.No really if the frame is stock id ditch it and have Youngster or one of the other fabricaters build you one.I would also up grade the front axel(if its stock).You have a very fine car to start with good luck and keep the questions comming.
first of all let me welcome you to the site. that was the best thing you could do for your T. there's so much knowledge here that's yours for the asking.

you have most of the elements there for a really cool T. is the body steel or 'glass? the first thing you need to do with your T is up grade the chassis. that T frame and suspension won't last tong with that Chevy in it. you have nearly all the patterns right there to build a new one. If you don't already have a Speedway catalog, go on line and get one. i promise, it will become your bible.

the guys on here will fill in the blanks for you. you have a great deal of fun, enjoyment and satisfaction coming your way!

Welcome to the forum Noah, you've got a great starting point for a fantastic hot rod there. It's hard to say what you should do until you know exactly what you have. If it were mine I'd start stripping it down making sure to take lots of pictures of everything. It's so much easier to look at a picture then try to remember or figure out exactly how something was.
Welcome Noah, Nice bucket! It gives me so many ideas. I would try to use all the body parts and update the chassis.
Same here with that short wheel base it could be scary in corners at any speed . Remember suzuki samurai that where so tippy probably about the same wheelbase.
The biggest thing on this site we like to do is stay safe. You have got alot of good parts to start a build with.
You have a great start to a cool car ..keep it,, build it !:)

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