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Newbe from Maine


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Supporting Member
I'm 66 years old and have had Rods since I was 16. At 64 I built a "T" for the first time. My friends here in Maine think I'm nuts and should be in a 'home'. My wife on the other hand has three horses and I couldn't get a word in a conversation about my other rods. Now she is always talking to her friends about the "T" with a big glow about her! Best thing I ever Did!

I'm also a member of the NTBA and in the off season [about 9 months] enjoy O gauge model railroading!

Not much of a writer but if I see something I can help with I'll join in.
Howdy from down south, Amarillo TX way:D

lot of good info, and great people here.

Welcome to the site san-i-T. Hope you enjoy your time here with us. You've got 2 great hobbies.

Got Pics???

Glad you joined in the fun, saniT!:welcome: Welcome and please post pics and I know you'll have some good info to toss out.

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