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Hello, everyone I'm new to the site. I have been a long time drag racer, turned hot rodder in the '90s. After about 15 yrs. of racing my old front engine dragster they told me to build a new or get a rear motor car to keep runing this was in 1988, so I took my car and went home put it in the garage and never went back. My first car was a '54 Ford built in 1990, I still have the car drive it all the time, built my wife a 1941 International pick pu truck in '95, she still drives it and wont part with it. I just traded a project car I was working on for the last five years for a T- Bucket, I have always wanted one but the wife thought they were a waste of time and money! Well guess what she is the first one to say let's take the bucket out tonight for a ride, she said we should have got one a long time ago, as everything else sits in the garage now. Found this site just looking around for differant bucket sites. Sorry for beeing long winded, later .
welcome to the site paintcan. You just happened to stumble onto the best t bucket site on the net. hope you have a camera 'cause they're gonna ask for pictures. Glad to hear your wife enjoys the T too. I'll let you go now. You got a lot of reading to do.


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