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Newbie fom NZ


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Hi there. My name is John Reid and I just found this site thru the HAMB. I currently own a '23 T Bucket with a turtle deck running a stock 302 Cleveland with a C4. Built it over 5 years ago and have just been havin fun since. Car is glass but thats OK with me. Also have a Model A Roadster project on the go but thats on the back burner for now. As my nom-de-plume suggests, I'm a bit of a Mopar man having had a few Valiants (of the Aussie sort) a 34 Dodge & 35 Dodge sedan and a 52 Desoto. Look forward to talking with you folks and will post some pics once I figure it all out. I'm in Hastings, New Zealand, about halfway between Auckland & Wellington but out on the East Coast where the weather is better (at least during the summer anyway!)
Welcome, nice bucket. :cool:
Hi there John from the land of the long white cloud I am a newbie here as well but from Western Australia you will find some build photos of my T under new from Australia wecome and all the best Signbender:) :) :) :)
Welcome John, Nice Rod, I don't know how you could build it without visiting here from the start. Without the team here I would be on my third kit and have one heck of a big scrap yard out back.
Thanks for the welcome guys. As for building it bucketkids, well I had a bit of help from acouple of mates but its basically a Project T chassis design that was in NZ Hot Rod magazine during the seventies and commonsense stuff without getting too flashy. Basic is good. The ol' KISS principle. Didn't deliberately go for the JD colours jdwhip. The green is an Aussie Valiant colour which I also had on my 34 Dodge & the yellow is just a tinter. Got the original idea out of a Street Rodder mag, it was on a choppedModel A coupe but I reckon it looks alright on the bucket
Hi John,good to see another Kiwi on here,I am from the other coast,the colder side of the island,the energy side...:lol: See you at Palmy swap meet??
Welcome from the land of short t bucket season.
Mr Reid,

Good to have you onboard. I think the last time I saw you and the bucket, you were returning from the Beach Hop - somewhere between Waihi and KatiKati.

Hi There MrDodge
This site is great I only signed up myself the other day but so far a great bunch of people. I lived in Mt Maunganui but now reside in the Gold Coast of Australia and loving it. Starting my new build in August and I can't wait but the missus is a bit up in arms about it but when you mention new jewellery they seem to come down to earth. Look forward to chatting with you soon.
Welcome mrdodge. This truly has become the best t-bucket site in the world. Great way to talk to all of you across the waters.


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