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Newbie from KY


Hey guys been watching for a while and just came across my new project thats why I'm here...I've b.s.ed with Donsrods before and Tfeverfred and they have pointed me here..I currently have 54 Chev Bel-air that is my family cruiser,and since my 4th back surgery (2 level spinal fusion on Aug. 8th) I can no longer ride my harley's so I sold the, but now I have a jones for the wind in my hair, so the project begins..I found a Speedway 23 T body and a 4" drop tube axle and this is going to be the platform for my build, I also plan on running a 350 sbc and a turbo 350 backing it up.. I also have a few Banjo rears laying around so I plan on beefing one up to handle a pretty animic 350..It will be a modified type T no bed, or tutle deck for me. This will be my bobber that I sold but only in a 4 wheel version.. No frill's just the basics..So there you have it my intro, hope to make some new friends with this build.....Thank's Ryan
First off, welcome to the site! Second, I like the sound of your build. Should be an interesting one to follow. Keep us posted.

Welcome, a T will make up for some of the PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome) :lol: Your build sounds great.
Welcome aboard LRS30. I'm sure that you will enjoy it here and get a lot of useful hints. They say that a T Bucket is just like a motorcycle except you don't have to put your foot down when you stop.
Welcome aboard:D

Welcom LRS30!! Sounds like you have a great plan for you build. KY is a beautiful state. I have family in Mt. Sterling and Glasgow. Thanks for joining and let us know how we can help.

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