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Newbie from Wisconsin


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Hey guys!

Glad to be part of the T-Bucket team. When I was a kid my Dad used to take me to every car show in Wisconsin and I guess I grew up loving old cars and old music. My first car was a 67 Chevelle my dad found for me and I still own it. Growing up my Dad had a number of old classics but I always wanted to build a T-Bucket and just never found the time.

Fast forward a few years and I find myself married with 3 kids and no T-Bucket. My son Henry (5) really likes the T-Buckets also and of course he sits with me online while I keep checking out T-Buckets and bookmarking my favorite ones. The other day Henry told me we should start building one and I got to thinking that waiting for more time is a poor excuse and figured what the heck now is just as good a time as any.

My experience fabricating is a little different than most folks here I suspect, i'm a pilot and own/fly/build vintage airplanes. My welding experience is 90% thin wall 4130 CM used in vintage aircraft fuselages and I normally weld all of it with an oxy set-up. I do own a Millermatic 185??? MIG but it just doesn't get much use in the aircraft building but should work well for frame building.

For materials I have some older 327 and 350 blocks, cranks, and heads in storage from when I was younger but thats about it. I have a ways to go before I start but i'm thinking of scratchbuilding the frame etc. Anyhow that's me in a nut shell I guess, I was reading through some of the threads here and it seems like it's a really great group of fellas here and also looks like I stand a good chance of learning about T-Buckets from you all.

Glad to have you aboard. If you are going to scratch build, a set of Youngsters frame plans are a must. I used them for my frame with a couple of small changes. I considered his plans a good place to start as I have never built a car before.I am building a C Cab somewhat like my avatar.
Hey Mike Welcome from Wisconsin Where are you at?
I'm from Watertown and operate my little struggling plumbing business ( just me ) here. For the last couple hours now I'm combing more of the threads and WOW, you guys are the shiz nit!!!! Cool stuff here!

Debgeo, Yeah I downloaded Youngsters plans and they seem pretty darn cool, I like the hand drawn drawings, that's what i'm used to with old airplanes so I figure why change now! LOL

I'm getting confused though, i'm having trouble making sense of what bodies fit on Younsters frame. I guess more reading will help.

Thanks for posting, I appreciate it.

Marty on here just had one built by spirit industries and he lives in Racine You should try and get over and see his it is done really well.
You can use any of the manufactures '15, '23 or '27 bodies on the frame. I have a '27 modified in progress on this basic frameif you are looking at a lenghtened body you might want to add the strech to the main rails. Any questions just post them here. Be only too happy to answer them.

Welcome to the group Mike, the only problem we Northern bucket owners have is the short driving season. It's not going to be many more weeks until I have to move the snowblower out of the back corner of the garage and roll the bucket back in it's place. But what really hurts is watching the videos our Southern brothers post through out the winter months of the cruises they're going on LOL.
Watertown, Wisconsin? I think I've been there at least once LOL.

My exgf was born and raised there, well actually between Watertown and Juneau right around Clyman. Made many trips up there with her.

Stop by Glenn's Market and pick me up some Sheboygan Brats at the Brat Haus will ya?

Man, those things are great.

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