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I would like to start out by saying hello to all tbucketeers member and a warmful thanks to all that will help me out along the way.:welcome:

I have recently purchased a 23 T from a friend that put it through a fence(he is okay of course) and now I get the luxury of putting it back together. I am putting a glass body on it and I have heard many different things from many people about the paint on the body. I have heard just regular enamel works but I have also been told that acrylic is the only way to go. Could someone clarify this for... for what its worth I plan on shooting the body rad rod black so nothing too spectacular so I can see how it could go both ways. Thanks
Welcome to the site and good luck with your build. The peeps here are very helpful. So just ask away and someone will point you in the right direction.

As far as paint is concerned. I have the same question for my build. But have heard good things on either paint. I guess its all in the prep work that is done to the body and the steady hand of the person spraying it on.
I have painted my motorcycle not too long ago and it had alot of aftermarket glass on it and I have had no problems with the acrylic paint. It was Napa brand, the only thing about the was the clear coat and it didnt like to lay flat. I also had a friend that painted his boat with the same clear coat brand and he had the same problem as well. I wont be using that again.
:welcome: This is a good place to be if your building a tbucket. As far as paint goes its a matter of personal preference at least one member on here used rattle can and from the pics it looks good. when your ready for paint check with your local paint store,pick your color and they can give you the info you need. Good luck with your project...Francis

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