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Hello everyone, my name is Scott and I recently aquired a 23 T that has been sitting on a farm here for about three years. I have always wanted to either build or fix one up. Now I got my chance and I'm going for it.
Welcome to the forum Scott, do you have any pictures of your T?
welcome to the site Scott. show us the pictures of your discovery. any questions, post 'em. someone here will have the answers.

WELCOME to this forum Scott. This forum is a big step towards enjoying your 'T' :lol:
Thanks for the Warm Welcome! LOL

Heres a few pix, I hope this works ok.

This the day that I found her and what she looked like after I uncovered her.

A better pix of her after I got her home.

As you can see she is going to need some work and a lot of TLC.

Thanks for the Warm Welcome!

Here are a few pix's, I hope I get this right. She's going to need a lot work and TLC.







The last pix is how the car sat for three years. When I first discovered her. Came with the trailer, all I had to do was bring down a couple of trailer tires, install, and hook it up to my truck and tow her home.
No worries, I will post up questions when the time comes. In the mean time I will be searching this site for answers to some of my questions.

The plan right now, is to take it all the down to the frame and build it back up. I have a spare drive train, just in case this one is not so good. When I'm nearly close to being finished with her, it will be a Sunday cruiser!
How is the motor does it turn over. Looks like you have a good starter project.
Welcome it is snowing lightly today here.
Makes a person wish a car could talk and tell us what happened to it. Once you get her tore down you will see what you have. Looks like a great start to me. I build a car once from two 5 gal buckets. One full of dents, the other full of rust. :lol:
Yes sir indeed... that's a great project to photograph as you work on it so you can remind yourself what you started with... There is a real sense of satisfaction bring a car back to life to "prowl" the streets again... There isn't a question that you can't ask on this forum that you will not get an answer to... Look forward to seeing your progress shots! :lol:
" There isn't a question that you can't ask on this forum that you will not get an answer to... "

- What came first ? Chicken or the egg ?
Welcome... I have a question? Why was the car left to waste away for 3 years. I just don't understand people building somthing and then just letting it go down like that.
Duke;21105- What came first ? Chicken or the egg ? :sofnny::sofnny::sofnny::sofnny::sofnny::sofnny:[/quote said:
We were all eggs first
that's a great find! make her your's now. you will get so much pleasure out of her on those Sunday cruises especially in the islands. enjoy my friend!!

Really don't know why someone would let this vehicle just fall by the way side for three years. Must be faith that now this car belongs to me and I will bring her back to life!

As far as the drive train is concern. When I get the body off and pull everything out and apart. It will give me a better idea on where I need to concentrate my immediate efforts. But I do have a spare drive train pretty much ready for a swap.

Just attended the current SEMA show and some of the parts catalogs are starting to come in the mail. Can you say Window shopping for parts and other go fast parts.

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