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Newbs here

Silent H

New Member
Hey everyone. Ive been lurking for a while but figure I should post and introduce myself. Always loved t-buckets because of there simplicity and (can be)affordablity. Hopefully going to start gathering some parts in the next year or so to start building one myself. Getting married in a year and our goal is to pay off the credit cards first before we get married, no more slave-to-the-lender. Then I can start building my first Rod:D
Im going more traditional on mine, love the look of them. Mine will be a driver fo-sho.
Welcome to the site Frank. Sounds like you have a good plan. I think the key to building an afordable car is to cash in on the bargins when you find them. That sometimes takes a while. In the meantime you can develope your network of rodders in your area. This can be a big help both for parts and for the skills you don't have. Hang around here and don't be silent. We love questions.

Welcome to the site and ditto what Youngster said. Networking with others of the same interest will pay off in spades. What parts have you collected so far?
Welcome Frank, there is a lot of knowlegable people around here to help out if you have any questions. :)
Silent H said:
...Im going more traditional on mine, love the look of them. Mine will be a driver fo-sho...

You're going to have some fun doing this... the build process is a lot of fun but not as much fun as the first time ya mash the old gas pedal! :lol:

There are a lot of really good fabricators here so don't be afraid to post questions, you'll be real glad ya did. Of course, when you start your build, you'll be REQUIRED to post lots of progress pictures! :rulz:


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