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Newby from Ontario, Canada


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Hello everybody,
I found this site while I was on line searching for parts for my "new" 23 T Bucket. I just purchased what I'm sure will be a year long project. The car was first built in the mid 60's and was a "show car". I'm told it won more than a few trophies in its day. It was then sold in 1976 to the guy who owned it til I bought it last week.
The car's been in a shed (in pieces) for the last few years. When last it was running it had been set up for sand dragging. So its a bit rough. The motor thats coming with it is from a mid 80s Chev pick-up a 350 small block (Im told it has a 4-bolt main).
Looks like one of my first decisions will be what to do about a front end for it. Right now it has a 38 Willis front axle, with 57 Chevy spindles and no brakes. The rear axle is a (65?) Chev with drum brakes. The transmission is a Turbo 400 automatic the original 4 speed standard is long gone (as is the entire dash and all interior upholstery and seats)
Im more of a handyman than a mechanic, so hopefully I can find some good advice on these pages as I progress through this build (rebuild?)

Welcome, any questions you got there is somebody that can answer them. They'll want pics though. :D

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