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Well gentlemen, I finally got to where I could post .With the help of the webmaster.Again thanks to him. I am in the process of building a 23 T and sure wish I could of talked to you guys for guide lines because I,ve been chasing my tail and waisting money like our Government. I,m contributing to the cause of keeping the money flowing . I read the posts and educate myself by your experience .Thanks For the HELP!!!! Steve
Hello again,as soon as I get help on transferring pics,I have some on the construction so far. I,m hoping to see some buckets at some point just to see differant ideas on projects. This is still not the weather for running around in convertibles. I keep looking for events that I might be able to go to .There is agroup of guys that do local charity events and such ,but I haven,t seen any T,s My project so far is SBC sitting in the frame,front tube axle mounted with 4 bar rods to stabilize the axle,a high arch rear spring ready to attach to a 63 chev axle.Problem is that I haven,t found backing plates for the axle to continue the connection to the frame.I bought a s10 rear end but its only49 inchec to the plate and my spring is 43. The tires come kinda close to the body ,so I,m looking again. This is not the weather for checking out rearends unless your in Florida. Thanks again Steve
steve ... look for a early to mid '70's Mavrick 8 " rear end. most have great gears, 56" wide and a nice looking pumpkin.

Thanks for the maverick idea.I,ll call around and see what the availability of the unit. Can you tell me how far I,d have to place the brackets for the shackles on a 43 centre to centre high arh spring ? Thanks Steve

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