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Nice layout


New Member
Very easy to navigate and is very fast. I will spread the word about this place and see if we can get some more members.
I am going to be keeping an eye on that "390FE" from WI though....LOL

Yep, that 390FE needs to be watched, :)
Hey GT thanks for the invite over here. I will ck in every once and a while. I told Sir William my web guy about this forum and he said it is the same format he is adding to the buckethead bash site. Who would have thought. 10 years ago you could hardly find a pic of a Tbucket in Street Rodder now there every where. GT thanks for every thing you do for the hobby and thanks to the web master here for another great way to spread the Tbucket word. B.C. @ Spirit Industries
Hi B.C. and welcome to the forums!

We certainly appreciate the compliments on the site and hope you will visit often.
I'm just a die hard buckethead. I have all of the Libery Classics t-buckets now and I have all of the Johnny Lightning T-buckets too. I just about have all of the Hot wheels versions as well. I have about 20 unopened models of T-buckets including the BIG -T. Over the winter I'll be building a 327 SBC for my dad to start his T project. I've been attending as many local car shows as I can, not to win trophies or plaques, but to talk about T-buckets and have fun.:)
Hey, what's wrong with that 390FE dude out of Wisconsin anyway? He's totally innocent and he can't spell either. LOL!
Well, He's obsessed with the color green and he's never home when I call him starters......
Will BC maybe someday you will again go through our forum. Hopfully we will some photo's for you to see. Even if its a kit in a box. wouldn't that be a great start for pictures?


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