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Not much progress


I feel a bit guilty not having posted anything lately so heres a lack of progress report

I ordered my engine on 9th April its a 383 stroker small block, its turn key and Im having it dynod as well. I was told it would be about 8 weeks but were now mid August and it hasnt even been dynod yet! Its coming from the States so I expect itll be another 6 weeks after itll completed. Also coming with it is a Tremec 5 speed manual transmission, bell housing clutch and stuff. Some may think this is not quite the right way to go about building your own hot rod but with the price of the dollar against the pound its cheaper for me to buy a complete engine than to buy the parts here in England and have the machining done.

Thought Id better get some wheels on order while I was waiting so Ive ordered a set of Torque Thrust IIs and Mickey Tompson Sportsman S/Rs. Ordered on 2nd July, they were out of stock but were due in 28th July. On 27th July got an email saying the order had been cancelled but no reason. After I contacted the company they said their technical dept had sent me a question but I hadnt responded so they cancelled the order (I hadnt received the email). Reordered , apparently they tire fitting dept need to know what car the wheels are going on (why?). Still out of stock, due in 13th Aug, on the 15th Aug the due date changed to 23rd September. These are coming from the States as well so theres a six week wait for shipping as well.

I guess waiting is part of the game but its a bit frustrating when you cant get on

I have had some brackets laser cut for my front axle, plan is to go with quarter elliptical springs at the moment.


And just to prove I having been doing something other then use my credit card :cry: Ive machined up the ends for the front four bar but cant go any further because Im not sure how long to make them.


Ive also had some windscreen posts cast in aluminium from patterns Id made using mdf. They are a bit chunky so I might slim them down a bit more. The idea is to have an opening screen but Im not too sure how Im going to make the frame up yet (I've used plastic electrical conduit to see how it looks). In the UK if you have a fixed screen you need wipers and washers which I dont want. They are a bit wobbly at the moment which is why they are not on straight in the photos. Long way to go yet!




You do nice work! those posts look good. I agree, the waiting sometimes becomes almost unbearable. I guess that's just part of the game.

Stay positive. It could be a really good Christmas for you.
A liitle bit of progress

Well the Engine's been dyno'd and is looking good. Needs to have a short water pump fitted and the fuel pump removed (I running electric) before being shipped.

Todd, I think you could be right about having a good Christmas.
Thats a good looking donk you got there and with that HP should propell a bucket along quite nicely I suspect:hooray:.The waiting game is all part of it but sometimes it gives you to much time to change your mind about things.:hmmm:
Pete, that is a sweet looking stroker.
I like the inscription on the front of the head! To me sometimes it feels like I work and work and nothing seems to look any different. Then all of a sudden a bunch of pieces come together for a big step forward. As Geo Papard on "the A Team" said,"I love it when the plan comes together".

The torque curve of the engine you bought looks great! With so much torque at the lower rpm's, the car will be super fun to drive. ;)

The shiny bits are here

Just had a big crate and some other bits come in. Had to mock it up quick just to see what it would look like. I'm going be able to make a proper start now I hope. Chassis still needs cutting to length.
:thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup: Wow that looks good! Making progress there, keep it up and keep us posted!
That looks like a really good start. I opted to put steps on the side of mine to save the fiberglass and my old legs.
Looks great. You might want to try the steering arm on the other spindle.

(I know he's from right hand drive land :D)
Let the welding commence...

Started cutting and welding and boy does it feel good.

Tapered the front of the rails the 'Yongster way', took quite a while but I'm very happy with the way they turned out. I'm not having a crossmember right at the front so I've boxed the end in with a section of tubing.
Rails look nice. Tell us more about the "no cross member at front". So, will you have frame "horns" at front and crossmember back how much?

Happy Holidays
The frame rails end just in front of the grill shell. I'm hopefully going to put the cross member between the rad and engine, just where the quarter eliptical springs mount. I'm also going to have a removable engine cross member as well.

If anyone can see a problem with my plan then please free to say, it is my first build so I'm going into the unknown!!!

Early picture before I cut the rails to length.

Got my frame tacked together today. I'm going to fully weld the inside of the front crossmember before I box the top in.

Still not sure where I'm going with the steering yet (can't find a steering box to fit) but I plan to tack the engine in place and hope I get some inspiration.

It doesn't look very much but it has been a struggle getting to this stage. I'm hoping the pace will pick up a bit now I've got something fixed that I can work on.
Got my engine and box tacked in last week.

I haven't sorted out steering box yet and it's turning into a real headache, there's not much room with the starter! Looks like the front shocks might be a bit of a problem as well.

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