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Not refreshing?


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Is it just my computer or is the forum not showing new posts like it used to?:confused: Used to be, when I left and came back, it would show how many new posts had been made. Today, it seems to show one post, but when I click on it, I only see past threads.

Please, tell me it's the forum and not my comuter.
yeah weird ??must be working on the sight maybe ??
Well, it seems to be working now. Thanks guys.
Sorry, I was away for the best part of the day yesterday. I'll keep an eye on it today, to see how everything seems to be working.

I notice the post count was down a bit yesterday, so perhaps the inactivity was adding to the problem.
yeah, I noyiced that too. I just figured everyone was gettin' their car ready for EX-JUNK's BBQ today.


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