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NSRA East, York, PA. June 1,2,3- 2012

Van no feathers ruffled, as you said a couple guys expressing viewpoints. Hope you can make it this year or next and look us up. Getting my car back together to get it to the show. Time to get dirty again.

Don't see anything I need, stop by and say hello.

Will do my car is on the road but i havent had the time to put many miles on it so i dont want to risk it going that far. very interested to see some other t's to get some ideas for the interior of mine
Heading to York tomorrow morning. Should get there around 8am. Rain will be over by 6am and the rest of the day is going to be sunny according to the weather channel!!! Sunday doesn't look that bad either. If you see me say hi!! I'll be the fat guy walking around........LOL!:roflmao:
we'll be there around 9:00 across from the Toyota building...look for the 3 fat guys :>) with the three ladies.

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