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Hi all. TEX-T here. I've been an NTBA memeber for about 3 years. Saw this site the other day and liked what I saw, so I signed up. I am about 70 percent finished with my T-Bucket. It has a 260 Olds V8. I saw a post on making some headers but can't find it now. I found some headers for an Olds Cutlass. I got them mainly for the flanges. I thought about cutting off the pipes an inch or so from the flange, but the they turn down like block hugger headers, so don't think that will work to well. I was trying to avoid having to make the square part of the pipe and welding to back side of flange and trying to grind the whole thing flat and true with a grinder.
Any ideas you all have would be welcome.
Welcome to the forum Tex-T.
Hi and welcome to the forum !! Where are you from?
We are slipping! It must be Monday.
And as per the :dance: if you got a project you have to show pictures.
I wonder if the article you are looking for is in the tech section?

Welcome again!
:hooray: ,,,,,,,,,,,,,
I'll have to figure out the picture thing. Don't have digital camera, so will have to scan photo's.
welcome to the site Tex. we're a bunch of picture freaks a round here. don't matter how you get 'em here.

as for the headers, it's really not hard to make up a fixture to square up those tubes. welding the center tubes 1" from the flange is going to get really tricky. if you need help figuring the tube size, pm me.

Welcome aboard! Oh..... did anyone tell ya we like pics?:faint:
Picture's Pleas

I haven't been on this forum for very long but, :biggrin:

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