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Yo Brother T Bucketeers
Down here busy helping my son with his rite of passage, i.e. building his T Bucket just like his Daddy. He'll start off with an L82 350SBC just a bit perked up in front of a LC TH350. Because he's gonna race in the brackets at the local strip we need a 5 point cage and for road approval we have to demonstrate better than 1G braking from 60mph to dead stop 5 times in 3 minutes. We have Ford Falcon XR8 brakes minus the ABS to do this. Ford Strange (Borg Warner) LSD at back on 4 bars and a Panhard, good old Speedy Bill supplied us with a 4 bar front.
Being well fed fellows we extended the 23 tub 9" longer for leg room and widened it till it looked in proportion, again almost 9". We are shooting for a total height of 1.5M (5'9") to the top of the main hoop. Even if we were not racing I would have a cage, I would never drive on the roads here in an open car with open wheels and no nerf bars without a cage and 5 point harness, been upside down once before no fault of my own with just belt burns and a bruise or two.
This forum has been a valuable source of ideas and encouragement for us and when we get done we'll post up photos in the hope we can contribute in return.
:lol: This is s great place for information,,and post pictures of what you have done or doing on your T
Welcome to the site. Let us know if we can help or help us if you can.


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