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Off To The Painter


Finally got the body off to the painter, getting sick for three weeks put me behind, now it is catch up time. :lol:
Duke, your not going to paint it yellow are you? :lol:
Yup, A bright in your face yellow !! I wasn't to sure about yellow at first, never had a yellow Rod. But, it does grow on ya. :D:D:D:D

I like yellow. :D Your's looks fantastic like that. I've never sprayed yellow, how is it to paint with? Does it cover pretty well or need quite a few coats?

It takes forever to base coat/clearcoat yellow as any paint the more coats the darker it gets.This is a pic of my color.

It should look great, Duke. Can't wait to see it. :D I'm also curious about the cost.
Duke, this is Lar don't know if you got my pm. I'm not ready for the headers yet. If you got time shoot me a pm with your phone number. Hope your feeling better. Lar:)
Well Fred, Lets just say that the cost is well over what my first house cost. I went all new with everything except the rear, and that I may change out the guts if I don't like the ratio, it has 3:42 in it, should be alright. I have about 7000 in the engine and tranny alone. I have a 455 Olds I was thinking of using, but decieded to save it for a 1950 Ford custom I have for a future project. The paint job is going to be more than I wanted, but I was sick for about three weeks and got behind :sad:, So to get caught up I took it in and am having them do the prep and finish some body work I started. I want to have the Bucket purring by mid July for a family reunion. That means mid June to finish and have a month to do the DMV thing :confused:. I have been through the DMV thing a few times so I know what hoops to jump thru. ;)
TBUCKETLAR, Glad to hear I am not screwing you up with the headers, just wanted to make sure. I am the type of person that when I give my word, I stand by it come hell or high water. Yeah, getting sick kind of messed up my timing, but have made arrangements to get caught up. I hardly ever get sick, but when I do, I do not mess around, I get really sick. It must be at least 7 or 8 years since I got sick last. What was so bad this time was a sinus infection. I already have trouble with my sinuses because of a wound in Viet Nam, had little bits of metal coming out for twenty years, but my sinus are screwed up. But hey, I am alive and I live in the USA, makes me a very lucky person. :D

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