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Oil capacity question?


I just got my rebuilt engine back in my bucket. It is an 1986 Chevrolet 350 with a new stock pan and the dipstick that came in the old '86 350. I'm getting ready to light it up so I obviously needed to put some oil in it. I put most of a quart in the filter and the remainder of that quart and four more quarts (from a gallon container) in the engine. That was last night. This morning I checked the oil and it is at the add oil mark on the dipstick. As best I can tell there were no 6 quart engines in 1986. So I'm asking . . . has anyone else experienced anything like this before because I'm completely baffled. I certainly don't want to overfill the engine with oil and I have no clue.
I heard rebuilt engine, I heard 5qts oil. What I didn't hear was high zinc additive. Is the 86 a roller cam engine?:confused:
Hey guys . . .

The dipstick is all the way in and bolted to block in stock location. It could be the dipstick but it was in the engine for 10 years before I bought the car. And it is a roller cam engine . . .
If its a fresh engine, Make sure you prime the oil pump before you start it!!!!!

You might want to get a Lokar or similar dipstick that goes directly into the block with no dipstick tube... that you know will be a fixed length... otherwise the length of the dipstick is directly proportional to the length of the dipstick tube... how's that for thinking with your dipstick... :rofl:

There have been lots of times that I have cut off a dipstick tube to make it shorter so it will not show as high up on the engine, and this of course means cutting the bottom off the dipstick as well. Simply drain out all the oil, change filter and then replace the oil with the proper quantity. Start up the engine to fill the filter, then let it sit overnight. In the morning pull the dipstick, wipe it and put it back in, pull it out again and use a file to permantely mark the oil level. This will be the full level. If desired, drain out a quart and remark for a "fill" level. Just remember to wipe the stick when you first pull it out, because the oil will climb it slightly overnight. Also remember to adjust if you have an other than stock pan.
Mystery solved. I had the engine shop put a new oil pan on the motor when it was rebuilt. I found out this morning that they put a 5 quart oil pan on. Now it takes 6 quarts to change the oil and filter. Thanks for all the input guys...

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