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"IT" is over last tuesday, Lets get working of your buckets!
I was out building another set of (legal) headers :mad:. In Ct. I have to have the exhaust completly inside the frame rails to pass inspection. I hope I dont hit a bump on the way home and they fall off ;). Also gona have to run a full hood....
Do you have to keep it that way or just to get through inspection? Seems to me it might be easier to move.
There was a time we use to have to run fenders in Missouri to get thru the state inspection, cycle fenders were ok, dont think the fender law applies time becaus a bunch of hot rods are going fenderless here. State still gets a little hard on raised 4x4's that are over the max. bumper height.
In addition to the above conditions, please be aware that some of the equipment laws in Connecticut may be different from those in the state in which the vehicle was last registered.
Examples are: Tinted Windows and Side Pipe Exhaust Systems.​
In general, the tinting of the windshield or windows in the doors of the vehicle is not allowed. However, window tinting performed by the manufacturer, at the time of manufacture, or for medical reasons, may be allowed. If your rear windows are tinted with other than a factory tint, Connecticut law requires the vehicle to have two outside rear view mirrors. Functioning side pipe exhaust systems are not allowed on passenger vehicles in Connecticut, unless the vehicle is manufactured with them.

So with this said if a car was built as a total kit does this mean manufactured? This is from Connecticut DMV.

putz said:
.......if a car was built as a total kit does this mean manufactured?

I seriously doubt it. Total does manufacture parts. CT DMV would argue that they are not a Vehicle manufacturer.
Total is a manufacture of incomplete vehicles, which is how they are able to issue a VIN number. The same with Spirit.

The shop I work in is listed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation. We take an incomplete vehicle (Cab and chassis, van cut away, glider kit, etc.) and finish it, when done I have to certify that as completed it will meet all requirements and regulations that apply.... Dose this mean I can certify my T bucket after getting a VIN from Spirit? I wish!

In Ct.
-Side pipes are not allowed unless they are fully covered. Our classic roadster headers and lake pipes are also not allowed, unless there fully covered. Can't find any info on stacks, Id like to run them on mine.
-Tinted windshields. Not allowed
-Fenders are required, front and rear. Bobbed fenders are ok, as long as it covers from 11:00 to 4:00 of the tire
-Front and rear bumpers are also required, nerf bars are OK
- All moving parts of the engine must be covered, at the very least a hood must cover the top of the engine.
- Emission rules are set by the engine year

Some information can be found on the CT DMV web sight, but only general guidelines at best. And at that they are very vague. For inspection I have to flatbed or trailer my car to DMV for inspection, if it passes the first time great! If not it has to be taken home the same way, and then back again for the reinsertion...

I would be very happy to pay an inspector to stop by the house ahead of time and tell me what I need to change, before heading down there the first time.
As for the hood... My bucket has a 60" bed and is being built more as a "truck" then a car, so I'm thinking of building a small Peterbilt or Kenworth hood for it, it would tilt forward just like a convental road tractors hood.

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