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Old teacher / new tbucket builder want a be


Hi All, Just taking a minuet to introduce myself. Am a Automotive instructor of an area technical school in NW Missouri and have spent the last 16yrs attempting to teach young men and women how to make a living in the automotive industry. Demands being what they are and time limited as it is. I probably push some student so hard that they realize that there are easier ways to make a living. In hind site, I realize making a living, isnt what drove me to the industry. What called me, was the sound of a strong running engine and abusing several sets of tires. Somehow I need to stir that same emotion in my students. I think I want to do is make time for a 23t alter or at least some that looks fast and makes sounds that can be heard thru the hallways. I can see some training value to a project of this kind.

What I hope to gain from this forum is some knowledge or suggestions to limit mistakes, Chassis and Frame dimensions, resources to find affordable parts. Also some possible variations for front end. Would like something were camber could be adjustable but still look ok.

What I maybe able to bring to this forum is some time and a back ground in gm Fuel and Electrical Systems. ASE certified in 8 and have taught all 8. If you would like to check out our program or my web sites Http:// and Http:// While Im bragging on our school, here is a direct link to a student created video that was made for the NCA Evaluation Team
Welcome to the site and ask lots of questions. some of the pioneers of t bucket building are here so ask away.
welcome to the site. i always thought a t bucket would be a great teaching tool. every thing is out there for everyone to see. your students will carry memories of working on and with a car like this much longer than if it was and old buick centry. my best wishes in your project.

Great idea... I think Youngster is right on the money... they will remember building the T for ever! Caster adjustment is not a problem at all with a solid axle, but camber being adjustable would be a trick to make look right on a T, seen some folks do Mustang II setups on a T and they love the ride... I'm just not real sold on the looks... either way first things first...

I have a PDF file of the complete CCR plans if you want a set let me know and ill send them to you.Send me your e-mail.
Rick i have a set of CCR plans (hard copy) could i beg a PDF copy from ya .
search "plans" son here too....


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