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Guide 682c headlamps

Rip VW

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I been looking at headlight options for the Tcoupe. I have looked at diets and may go that way keeping things simple and do a separate turn signal light / park light. However I really like the built in turn sig / park light In the guide 682c lamps.
A couple a questions for any people in the know about Guide 682c headlights and any others for that matter.
Are Guide 682c lights significantly bigger bulkier than a typical standard Dietz?
Are 682c’s heavy?
What.other options would look good on a T?
What’s the general consensus on the headlight with the integrated signal in the lamp?

I’m working on a final plan on the front of the cars and I need headlights that are going to look good with the 32 Radiator shell.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts and ideas..
My favorite is ‘34 Ford commercials. I put an 1157 bulb inside for turn/park.

I like the looks of the 34 headlights. My question is how is the turn signal visibility mounted in the headlights? I have heard they are not real bright during the day that the headlights tend to wash out the signal lamps.. I have not seen this type of signal in person so just going on what I have heard.
I will get some new photos in a while I got go to the Dr, this afternoon........
At the Small Town Weekend cruise in El Reno Oklahoma I saw this car coming at me making a left hand turn ..... his head light was blinking. Now that was easy to see !!!
The photo of the black light is for what it looks like in the OFF position. The one with two lines are turn signal working.....the last one is the headlight on and with the turnsignal flashing........I will see if my youtube link will work.
Ahhhhh my light is finally on, and I see how it looks now. I like that. Ok I will look into this headlight. This is just a sealed beam I presume so it would fit most headlight buckets. My only concern could be getting all the wires needed into the headlight. Let's see, a Ground, Hi Beam, Lo Beam, Park light, and Turn Signal So I see at least 5 wires I will need to make entry to the headlight. How does everybody get all them wires into the headlight? Thanks for the video LincolnuT..
Mike - Do those headlights show up well down the road? The LED's that I bought are worthless! Where did you source those LED headlights? Make & Model number please!
I am just a bit confused. how do you get 2 circuits (park and turn) on 1 wire. I am using a GM Column and GM light switch. Also don't I need a dual element bulb? Still confused on the west coast..
I have been thinking and I’m had a huge brain fart! When we were talking about the number of wires requires for headlightd (#14) I said there were 3 filaments in the headlights. WRONG! I confused myself. The brake/turn bolt has 2 filaments. One running light and 1 blink/stop light. All the other babble was correct. Sorry for the confusion.

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