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Our new 'build'


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At 8:54 last evening, Lauren Renee entered the world. She came across the scales at 8 lbs 6.8 oz, with a 21.25" wheelbase.


She and her momma are both doing fine. Her daddy and I are still walking around with our heads in the clouds.

If you need me, I'm going to be found wrapped around one of Lauren's little fingers. (That didn't take long, eh? :D)
Awesome "build" Grandpa......she's a beauty!!!

don't feel too bad, my Granddaughter "wrapped" me up the first time I saw her:cool::D

Congratulations Mike,,and family .
Congrats :rolleyes:
Congrats..You want my addy so you can send the cigar?

Now ain't that somethin'! Congrats Grandpa! And I mean that with all due respect!:rolleyes:
Beautiful little Girl there Mike. Congratulations
im a sucker for the little girls
i have 5 grankids only one is a girl
but she is the light of my life
she is the most spoiled you ever seen
first words out of her mouth were
"im the princess"
your in for lots of fun
dont let a moment slip by

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