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You'll have to excuse my absence


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At some point in the next day or so, I will likely be away from the forums for a little while. I'll check in when I am able, but I won't be around quite as much as normal.

We've been working on a bit of a family project. Well, actually, I've not been working at all, but that doesn't make this project any less important to me. Because, quite frankly, I can't imagine anything that could possibly be more important.

I know how you fellows like project photos, so here are a couple for you to see -


This will be my first grandchild and her name is to be Lauren Renee.


And, as you can see in this second image, the little ham was already smiling for pictures, over 8 weeks ago. I imagine I will be smiling even wider than this, in the next few days.

You'll note the dates are from back in March. And yes, it took this long for me to share the 'project' with you. Brag is a good dog, but Hold-On is better, as my gran always used to say.

I was a single parent and I always admitted that I likely wasn't a very good father. Which means I had to be an even worse mother. But now, I get the chance to be a good grandpa and I'm going to try to be the best ever.

Lauren's mama was getting some pains last evening, but they went away after about an hour. Tomorrow is the wean's due date, so I'm betting on getting a phone call at just about any old moment.

And when that call comes, I'm outa here. So ya'll are just going to have to behave until I get back, because Bruce and Yogi aren't as easy going as I am. :D
Is this one of them old school builds?Good luck GRAMPA:rofl::D:rofl:
Aw now thats cool !! Best wishes for Mom & and Kiddo
That looks like a 2008 model, I don't see any changes from the past models - must under the hood :D
I got my first grandson 8 years ago! If I had known he would be this cool, I would have had him first! Congrats Grandpa!
Congrats, Mike! Looks like things are going well on the "build".:D
Yup Mike...looks like a keeper...

Congrats Mike, having grandkids is so much more fun than kids.
Congrats Grampa:D:D

My one and only Grandkiddo lives in Ohio:mad: Gramps lives in Texas:sad:
don't get to see her very often, actually I have only seen her once since birth, she's almost 18 mo. old now:eek:

hope Mom and child are OK.


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