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Wow, as much as I hate to admit it, the Total Performance forum has become a real cesspool. I think my visits there are going to be curtailed until they are able to get a handle on the spam kiddies that are plaguing them.
Yea, I'm affraid I have stopped going to it. I know Brian was trying to figure out a way to stop the spam, but it seems he can't. I'm sure it's no fault of his own. Plus, well, the advise or questions can either be answered here or on the NTBA website. I actually only used the Total site a few times. If I had a question specificly about a Total product, it's no problem to call them up.

I hope they get it fixed, but it doesn't look good for it as of now.
He and I talked about it at one point. Apparently, the individual that coded their Web site coded the forum right into the package. Since it isn't a stand-alone product, they apparently have no way to dump it off and work with something more secure. Which is a shame. Although that wasn't always the most active site around, it did have T.P.-specific information and that was often handy.

Now you spend more time wading through the spam than actually reading posts. :confused:
As far as the TP bulletin board is concerned, we are making progress and I hope to have a completely new board up and running by the first of December.. Just looking through some options right now before we do the change over.. Should only be a couple of days worth of work to do it.. Right now just trying to find a solution that is best for our customer's as well as ourselves and also trying to find a way to be able to migrate all the information we already have on the board to the new one... Should be a MUCH better board in the not-too-distant future...

Brian @ Total Performance
Glad to see you got it figured out bro.:welcome:
For the four years i've been talking to Brian he is one guy that when he's on a mission IT WILL BE DONE.I have no dought he will whip that board into something worth going to again.As i was talking to him he timed out his chances at guesing his pass word.LMAO i did.
It was good to actually meet Brian, when I visited Total. Since he knew an ol' parts guy like myself would enjoy it, he gave me the Grand Tour of the shop and I appreciated seeing everything.

I look forward to the re-do of their forum.
I notice you found the little glitch they have there when posting.Seems like your post don't well post and you do it again.It did it to Brian a couple of times also so i don't feel to bad that i did it twice.
Yeah, I think there are some underlying issues with their software. It white-paged me twice and then dumped me off onto a blank, templated page. :D The only reason there wasn't a fourth post was because I threw up my hands in frustration.

I shared some communication with Brian about forum software on the day, and from the way he sounds, I believe there will be some changes happening along those lines in the next couple weeks. :welcome:
WHATS HAPPENING TO OUR BOARD?Damn makes me dizzy looking at it.Everything is askew whacked out or is it just me?
Rick said:
WHATS HAPPENING TO OUR BOARD?Damn makes me dizzy looking at it.Everything is askew whacked out or is it just me?

I thought it was my computer. The Webmaster must be playing with it.
Mike said:
Check your PM's guys.

Well, I logged on this morning and everything is back to normal. I'll save the instructions you gave me if the problem comes back. I'm not real comp savvy, so unless it's a complete melt down, I may just live with it.

As for the Total site. It will be good to not have to sort through the spam. I did get some good info from there and I know Brian will get her going. He seems VERY persistant about it. Good man.

I wish I would have started saving the bucks for my body sooner. I could have saved a nice bundle with the no shipping charges they are offering until next week. I hope they do it for Christmas. I saved about $150 on my front suspension last year.
Rick said:
Put it on layaway and get the savings

I'm going to call Brian Monday and check on that. It would really help a lot.
Well, I talked to Brian and a lay away can't get the holiday savings.:sad:
Ah well, it was worth a shot anyway.

You have to be careful talking to that guy. Heck, I sent him an e-mail yesterday and it ended up costing me almost a grand. :confused: I keep trying to tell him, he's far too hard on my finances. It seems as if every time I talk to him, the money jumps right out of my pocket and into his.
Ya know i seem to recall the same problem with him AND Pete AND Mickey Huh i wonder if it's in there water.
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