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Outlw Body molds


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Mouldy Marvin is giving up the New Outlaw Molds Nose piece and Body.
Ed "Big Daddy" Roth's Outlaw project is For Sale in its entirety!
Get Everything that you need to Go into Production and Offer this One of
a Kind Kit to Builders World Wide!
For More info Go To:
Holy Cow!
I cringe at the thought of what the asking price will be.
To my knowledge they really haven't sold hardly any since the Jimmy C refurbishment of the original moulds was undertaken.
And, they were supposed to be in full production in 2002.
I guess the big question is just how many Outlaw clones does the world want?
And, if you're using an Outlaw body and not building a clone it's just going to be an odd-looking takeoff on a T-Bucket.
I'm a huge Outlaw lover and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
Thanks for the news.
That's awesome, but you're right that you'd have to build a clone which I'm guessing would be super expensive. A regular T Bucket with the outlaw body would look kind of stupid.
Always liked it as a show rod,but as far as i know it would not drive? or would it?,did it even have a rad hinding some were or just super too small one?
Def one of the coolist looking buckets ever,yet not sure how that makes any sales?

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