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Ovlov, New guy from Sweden =)


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Hi guys!

My name is Johan, and i am building a T-bucket (well at least i like to think so :razz:)

It will be based on a volvo chassis, becuase it will be easier like that, with all the complex laws we have here.
The bad thing with the chassis is that its got a indipendent front suspension that is realy bulky and ugly, and i also can't use a nice v8 engine (even though i realy would want to, belive me:lol:) I have to stick with the small 1.8l 4cylinder volvo engine from 1968 that has got a staggering 70 hp:eek:
I don't have a body yet but there is a company near me that sells a nice fiberglass body at a good price, I'll buy it when I'm finished welding all the rust on my frame.
So it will not look or run as good as the other ones around here, but its all i can afford right now:)

and also btw I am 17 years old, goes to a school where i'll graduate as a auto body mechanic in one year :cool:.

Now I'll go out to the garage and tidy it up a bit, so i can take pictures and to post tonight.

(sorry if I have made any spelling or grammatical errors, I do my best with the english language :confused:)

Welcome aboard! I'd love to see pics when you get them up.
Welcome Johan!

And... your English is just fine. :cool:

It always amazes me how well people from the European continent speak English!

Take care,

Just do the best you can with what you have, and of course, post pictures.

No need to appologise for the grammar, it's better than the typical 17 year old American kid.:eek:
Your English is just fine.No need to (apologize) you have better grammar than some people that use slang all the time over here. Just remember safety is number one steering and brakes are not places to cut costs.
Welcome to the site.
Welcome, Your English is great I speak two languages and know how hard a second language can be. I would love to see some pictures of Hot rods in Sweden.
Welcome to the site Johan. Do what you can and if you have any questions let us know.


Wow thanks for all the replies!
It's cool how friendly everyone are here, not like some other car forums I have been looking at.:D

Here are is a picture of the volvo frame im going to use.

And here is the engine.

This is how the frame looked before i started to replace the rusty bits with new metal.There is also a chopped up 1968 volvo in the picture somewhere to :wall:.

I'm realy proud of this picture I think it turned out realy cool, its me welding:cool:.

I'll start a new thread in the Project Plans & Updates section soon with lots of pictures.

//Johan C
I told a girl I was bilingual and she thought I had 2 tongues and gave me her phone number.:hooray:
Johan ,That frame doesn't look too bad as it sits . Doesn't look like it's all THAT heavy, the car should respond well to the "staggering 70 HP." Long as you keep the weight and safety of the build in mind.
I'm not sure what you have to work with over there, but how bout swapping in a different front end , maybe find something lighter in weight and easy to work with as far as A-arms .
Have you looked at this article????
Volvo Jakob Hot Rod - byggd av Leif Tufvesson! - Auto Motor & Sport - NYHETER - biltester, bilnyheter, bil-tv och bilfakta p ntet

Maybe you can get some ideas from what they used?
Good luck and keep us informed, with all the talk about Fuel Milage in Hot rods, it will be interesting to follow along and see what your car is capable of......"BH"
butch27 said:
I told a girl I was bilingual and she thought I had 2 tongues and gave me her phone number.:hooray:

Reminds me of a joke my wife learned when she was in Germany...

What do you call someone who can speak three languages.... Trilingual!

What do you call someone who speaks only two languages.... Bilingual!

What do you call someone who only speaks one language.... American!


My body will be delivered sometime this week, so now I hope that the project realy will spring into life :lol:

The Jakob Hot Rod built by Leif T. is amazing, it looks great, but that one would never be able to be street legal here in Sweden.

That is why I have to use the old front end and engine, because if i start to change things on the chassis, it will be considerd as a "new vehicle" which means it has to pass several test, surveys and diffrent rules and regulations, that I don't have to care about if I keep the chassis and suspension stock. Becasue then it's considerd as a "rebuilt vehicle"

And another advantage with keeping it stock, is that it still will be a vehicle from 1968 and that means i don't have to pay tax for it and it only has to go through a road worthiness tests each other year (as opposed to every year)

Of course i will change some things after the first road worthiness tests, such as removing the fenders and other diffrent things, but I want to keep it relativly legal since the swedish cops are very cranky when they deal with Hot rods and other customised vehicles.

//Johan :D
Just do the best you can within the guide lines. You could have a very unique Bucket when you are finished. The only advice I could give you is detail everything and keep it simple. Don't be in to big of a hurry. And check with some other rodders around you. They might know of some way around some of the regulations.

Nice job Johan and :lol: aboard! Don't worry about what other people think about your car. From what you have shown us you do great work. I have no doubt your end product will be a winner as well as unique. Keep up the good work!


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