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Painting Mask

Hey Guys,

What is a good, but cheap face mask to get? I bought some 2K Epoxy primer for my car and like to get something for my eyes and nose when spraying.

Thanks, T-Bucket Bob
CAUTION!!!! With Epoxy dont be cheap.The manufacturer recomends a full face with air sourse hooked to it.Now you can and should get a good canister system one thats rated for chemicals and catalized paint.Treat your lungs well my friend.The canister ones cost around $30.00 at a painter supply shop.
i would reccommend a paint suit also, they're cheap.... my brother paints for a living and he didnt use to wear a paint suit, he got some temporary nerve damage years ago, he lost spots of hair and got some funny looking red spots on his arms, it went away after about a year.. just shows you those chemicals are mean..

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