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Parrot on a Surfboard

one finger john

Active Member
Seasons Greetings! I was looking at the new lay out and I saw that below the avatar there are small illustrations that I suppose denote rankings in the forum. My ranking looks like a parrot on the back of a surfboard, just above the fin. Now I know that Mike has a sense of humor, but really, is it a parrot on a surfboard?

By the title, I was thinking this had something to do with Jimmy Buffet.
The real answer is nearly as funny as a parrot on a surfboard.

It is a rocking duck. Not a rocking horse, but a duck. The duck is looking to the right and the curved bottoms are the rockers.

See? I told you it was funny. Quack, quack, quack.
When you stare at it..... it does appear to have some Laid Back-Stoner Parrot with red beak and a cap on backwards.

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