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Photobucket test


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I've been trying to educate myself on the use of photobucket this morning. I think I have that part down. Now lets see if I can get the pictures to show up here.

This just ain't workin'!!! I'm gonna find something easy to do like go build my front perch!!!

YUP, the Bottom Link is the one you want to highlight, Copy, Paste where ya want it......

Don't forget to add the frame rake to the front perch. or you'll be like me, I forgot......Twice !......."BH"

You had the wrong coding. I am not a computer expert, but I can post pics LOL. Try this... under the picture you want to post, at photobucket, copy the text from the second box down. I think it says direct link. Then at this site, hit the insert image icon, yellow box with a mountain on it. Then copy the text from photobucket there in the pop up. In the picture above, you had http:// twice and the

Or you can copy the text from the bottom box, like BH said, and enter it directly into the message box, without having to mess with the insert image feature. That is how I did this one.
This is a photo I took at bonneville last year. I don't know a thing aboutt he car, but it look nice...
donsrods said:
Man, BH, you guys KNOW HOW TO EAT!!! :pint::lol: Making me hungry. :D


Carefull "Uncle Donnie", you take eatin lessons from me and you won't fit in yur hot rod and you'll be wearing Farmer Bibs like I do......I dunno why the potato salad didn't fit in that picture.... LOL "BH"
PS: Hey Don, "Headlights" :razz: says the boat worked jus fine last time out...I'm stayin dumb and as far away as I can !! Jus peekin around the shop door once inna while on sunny days !! :wall:
Hehe, I can tell you after being in the boat business for over 20 years, there is no more frustrating business transaction than when you fix someones boat. They all think you are ripping them off, and even if you fix their anchor light they swear the reason the motor blew up later is because of something you did. I've actually had to throw customers out of my office at times because of the heated nature of a discussion. Not a fun business.

My Boat was a hole in the water that sucked up money.:pint:
Ok...I'm back to try it again...

Hey!! What do ya know? Guess I was making it too hard on myself. Gotta go...Got so catchin' up to do! Thanks guys for helping out this ol' dog.


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