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Photos from the 2009 Bash


Buckethead Bash 2009 pictures by akitagandy - Photobucket
Great pics. I saw my friend Tom and Janet Buckley sitting behind their car....That is one of the cars we built in 8 months just on the weekends. Car runs good too. Thank you for the pics.....I miss them.
Thanks for the great pics! I wish that I could have attended this year.

Boy is Ron Pope handsome!!!!!LOL:eek:
Got a phone call today about Tom. He was checked into the Hospital in Knoxville and was being moved to ICU where he refused and left. Janet told me the Dr. told him he had pnueumolia and his blood count was 20. He said he didn't want to stay at that Hospital so he checked out against Dr's orders. A friend is on the way up to get him and drive him back. Keep Tom in your prayers please.....he is the true hotrodder in my book.
Any word on Tom? Did he get home OK?
Yogi said:
Any word on Tom? Did he get home OK?

When I talked to his wife yesterday evening another couple was on there way. They were all going to spend the night and leave this morning. I offered to trailer Tom's car back home for them. Janet told me this other guy was planning to drive it home and the rest of them were going to follow in the pickup truck.

As of this morning I have not heard anything back.
Well, no sooner made the last post and the phone rang and it was Janet. They made it about 10 miles past my shop on I-40 and the panhard bar on Tom's little trailer broke. So we went and got it and it is here now safe.

Tom said he was feeling a little better, but he did not feel good. They were going to go on home and get Tom in a hospital there.
Glad to here he is on his way back, Tom and Janet are fine people. If they put him in a hospital here I'll keep a check on him and give updates as I can.

Thanks Ron!
Thanks Ron for helping out. Janet called me when they got in and she said that Tom called his Dr and he wants him to go to the hospital. Tom was tired so he decided that he'll go in the morning as of about 7pm he was sleeping. I may need to make sure he goes to the hospital. I'll try to make arrangements to get up there and get the small trailer. Again a BIG THANKS for your help.
Thanks Ron for helping out ( as if any of us could keep you from it ). It was great to visit with you and Pam, Tom and Janet, And everyone else at the Bash..Please keep us posted on Tom's progress as I will be thinking of him today! Dennis

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