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Pics from the Nationals

PS - Bummer that you were not able to fulfill that dream. I am truly sorry. :notworthy:o_O
Rick I too am sorry you did not get to do that, I have been on three tracks in my Bucket and I had a ball each time...........Great memories......
Thanks guys ! I would have thought there would be some GoPros in the group.

I'm sure it will happen at some point in the future, thanks for the pics !
I met the gentleman driving the lime green bucket at a car show last year. Nice guy and gave me some good tips. It was the Morris lions club fall classic in Morris Illinois. Here's a link if anyones interested. Morris Lions Club Fall Classic - Car Show Radar It's a good size show and swap meet. (Don't worry about signing up for the raffle car. Me or my brother have decided we're going to win it! LOL)

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