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Pinion Seal Help


Replacing the pinion seal in my Ford 8" rear end for my 23T. Having touble getting the seal out. Any advice on getting the pinion seal out without tearing something else up? Thanks!!
I did a Google search: "How to replace a pinion seal in a 8" Ford rear end". Several hits were good and it doesn't appear to be a major job. Try the search and choose the one that is easiest for you.

I changed the one on my S-10 rear and it was a lot easier than I first thought. The Ford is different, but not by much.
Okay, I have the old pinion seal out and need help getting the new one in. First, I need to make sure I have the right seal before I start taking a hammer to it. The seal I have is National Part number 3604 for a Ford 8" rear end. Provided this is the right seal, what is the best way to install the new seal without damaging? Thanks for your help!!
I posted how to do it in the Total Performance bulletin board. Are you the same person that asked there?

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