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Please check this list for your username


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I am receiving e-mail rejection messages for the following usernames. We do request that all of our members attach a valid and working e-mail address to their accounts.

Hollywood - No such address
Babyburr - Addressee unknown
Bucket Builder - Access denied
shaky - Mailbox unavailable
STLBUCKET - Unqualified address
hogdaddy77 - Unqualified address
mikeyboi - Addressee unknown
Drew Peacock - User unknown
Maurice - Malformed address
Pokey - Mailbox suspended - Address rejected
TBucketJack - Recipient rejected
ratmotormn - Our domain is blacklisted
AJS - Mailbox disabled
RED ROLLER - Not a valid customer
all-world1 - Address rejected

Each time an e-mail is sent to these accounts, I get a bounced message e-mail returned to me. Please correct the problems with your e-mail account, otherwise we will be removing the e-mail notification functions on your accounts.
Now here's one that is truly knackered -

Scott Somers - Account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted or missing the proper DNS entries.

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