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Post a Photo From an iPhone/iPad


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If I say iPhone or iPad it's the same for both devices, so it does not matter.

You cannot just post a photo you have taken from your iPad for it's too big
and will be rejected. You will need an app to reduce the file size by about
75 percent. I have only tried two apps, but of those two I recommend
"Photo Compress". It's the most simple to use since that's about all it does.
So below you will see screen captures using that app.

After taking the photo, then the first thing you will have to do is open
Photo Compress and following the images below. Then once the reduced
size photo is saved, then you can open up the forum and start that process
of posting your comments and photos.

Another option before we get started is just plug the iPad into your
computer and download your photos to the computer. Then you can
reduce the file size there and post them to the forum, this is really much
easier. There is already a tutorial I've posted for this scenario.

Photo Software and Resizing


On your iPad open the Apps store and search on Photo Compress. Select
the app and install.

This is on your phone until I say different.

Open the Photo Compress app, then .......
Tap on the big ass plus sign to select the photo you want to reduce file size.


Select the photo album that contains your photo.


Select the photo by tapping on it, notice the blue border. then tap Albums
to go back when you are done selecting.


Use your finger to slide the round white circles until you have the very same
settings as the image below. Don't pay attention to their recommendation
of 15% to "Reduce image size by:"


Now you are telling the app where you want to save the new reduced
photo. At some point you will be given the option to replace the
original photo.


Ok, this is where I say it's now on the forum. You are no longer working
with the app on your iPad.

Follow the image below. They should be self explanatory.




Well that's not exactly easy, but if you don't have a computer then you
don't have much choice.
Thank you. I've been off the iPad for a while. I will try to post some pictures. Ronson I'm having a great time with my double turbo charged T.

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