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Preparing for a move


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Within the next 24-48 hours (and it could be sooner, rather than later), this forum is going to be moved to a new host's server.

We're extremely happy with the service we are getting from Downtown Host and we are going to be moving this forum into a different hosting plan, where all three of our forums will be hosted under one roof.

It can get confusing with a move, so I will try to explain this as simply as possible.

All of the files that make this site run will be copied from here, over to another server. At that time, this forum is going to exist in two different places. The Internet is going to keep on thinking the T-Bucket Forums are located right here, until we notify them otherwise.

And here is where a problem arises. What we will in effect be doing is setting up detours that will direct all traffic to the new server. Unfortunately, a detour needs to be placed on every route into this site and we cannot get all that to happen at one time. What will happen is that after as little as an hour or two, some people will start to see the forum in the old location, whereas some people will still be seeing the forum in this location. And it can take as much as 72 hours to get everything fully re-directed, for the entire world.

As soon as the files are moved onto the new server, we will be closing this forum to new posts. That way there is no chance of someone posting something on this forum installation, where it will be lost. You'll still be able to read what is here, you just won't be able to add anything new.

If you log into the forum and see there is no way to post a new thread or a reply to an old thread, then you will know you are still seeing this forum installation. If you log into the forum and do have the ability to post, then you'll know you're seeing the forum at its new home.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we assure you this will be a positive move for the forum. This entire moving process is already very dynamic and, as a result, we are unable to provide more details at this time.
O'Kay, my bags are packed - lets do it :pray:
Oh, so I go away for the weekend and you guys move away! :eek: Same thing my Parents tried to do to me many times when I was a Kid, but I ALWAYS FOUND THEM!!!!!!!!!!!! :cool::D:lol:

Sounds like it will enhance an already good forum, looking forward to seeing you guys at the new home when I get back from Billetproof. (Do I sound excited?????????? Well, I am!!!!!!!! :lol:)

OK, the last piece of the puzzle has been fit into place, so we're hoping to be moving within the next few hours.

We have a couple of domains that will need to be moved from one server to another, over at Downtown Host. Once that is handled, we'll be snagging this site up and moving it to Downtown Host's server, as well.

As mentioned earlier, when this site moves, we will be closing it down to new posts. You'll be able to read what is already here, but you will not be able to add to it.

When you see you are once again able to post, you will know you are seeing the site on the new server installation. That can take as little time as an hour or two for some people. For others, it can easily take 12-24 hours and in some extreme cases, even longer.

I'll do my best to keep you informed as we proceed. Thank you for your continued patience.
Well, it appears we've had a false alarm. With the nature of today's economy, I would have thought the new host would be anxious to make a sale. I thought wrong.

With the holiday being tomorrow, I doubt we'll have any chance of getting anything done then, so it looks as if we're tied to the current host for a few more days.
So, I have to UNPACK!?:mad: I swear..... I never.... !
LumenAl said:
So don't they have to put us up some place fancy till the time comes to go again?

Holiday Inn Express? Then, I can go to NASA and sub as a space cadet!:lol:

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