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Pretty good progress this weekend...


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Got the rock screen mounted in the grill shell, thanks to Rooster. Used his construction adhesive idea. Changed out the blue and red AN fittings for nickel-plated. Looks much better with the flames. Got the steering box and front end back on. Mounted the shock towers and headlight stands. Dis-assembled and cleaned the carbs and re-set the floats. How do floats get out adjustment? I re-set them when I first got them... they were quite a bit off from the factory (Edelbrock). They were off again when I pulled them apart. I don't see how they can change on their own. Got all the brake lines cleaned and painted and re-installed. Got a new master cylinder to replace the crappy rebuild I had. Bled the brakes since it is easier to do with the body off. Man I love speed bleeders. Took a whole 15 minutes to bleed all four corners. Got everything on the frame under the body done, then put the body back on. Woohoo! Getting close.





Looking really good. Have you made noises like you are driving it yet?
Dang it!! I forgot to make a template for the stainless firewall before I put the body back on! May hafta pull it off again to get the profile for the tranny cut-out. Might be able to just jack the front of the body up a little to get to the back side of the firewall to mark the cut out.
Looking very impressive! I am glad you have some eyes upfront, because you surely can't see over that big chunk of billet on top, ha!
A word about the, umm, different plumbing of the rear brakes...


The Jag calipers are hard-mounted to the differential, so I coulda used hard lines from the splitter. But the OEM Jag set-up uses hoses from the cage to the calipers, so I figgered I should use hoses. I had the hoses in the pic from the previous S-10 set up, so I just re-used them. To get the length right, I had to criss-cross them. Looks kinda hi-tec, huh? Or dorky... whatever, it works.
Lee I hope you have it ready by the club meeting would like to see it in person and finally get to meet you. Sal took me for a ride last mounth, my first ride in a tbucket,even though I was just a passenger I still got that big grin that comes with these cars :D :lol:...Francis
Lee, I am truly jealous of your ride. To me, it just not get any better than a classic flame job on black with a blown SBC. You can just send the car to my home address when you are done...LOL. Seriously, great job!!

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