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Project plans


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Well , I started collecting ideas for the "Rat T Rod" (say it fast) twenty years ago. About 5 years ago I decided to try and make it happen. Thus far I have quite a collection of parts.
I had to start somewhere , so I built the frame myself. 2x3x1/4 tubing. I plan on it being Loooong ! That said , I am in hopes to be approx 140" wheelbase. I am going for gun and practicality .
I located an older , but new glass 23 tub. One problem , it had been cut in half , front to back! A good friend then offered to glass it back together. Its pretty narrow I have him do the right thing. We added an extra 2" in the cowl , and an extra 4" in the back. Alot better width for asses and elbows! It also gives it a really cool "wedge" look. The floor is just now being glasses in. I used a piece of perma ply (3/4 plywood w/ alum bonded to both sides. I am undecided on seating just yet .
I plan on having a pick up bed eventually. off the get go to be up and running most likely just a flatbed of sometype. Then the final bed will , I hope , be alum , styled like an early Willy bed. Up at the headboard will bed a "boxed" area that houses the fuel tank and battery and tool kit. Most likely I will also build some type of tonneau cover for it as well. The bed should end up about 4' wide and 4-5' long.
I have on a stand a completely rebuilt Chevy 230ci straight 6 , all stock. I will be running a dual single bbl intake , and build my own headers. Behind that will be a 2 speed alum powerglide. I also have a good 700r4 if I need more highway gear. Thats going to turn a AMC model 20hd , from a Grand Wagoneer, I can't afford a pretty 9"Ford. This will be just as strong (not that I need it) and it gives me the cool looking round cover! I also have about 4 differend sets of gears for it .
I am having a hard time figuring the ride height deal. That said I hope to run a BIG tire , maybe 33" rears , and about 29" fronts. The rear will be conventional leaf springs , they are easy to install and tune. The front has just recently changes from suicide to 1/4 ellipticals. I am gathering info and doing alot of measuring of springs. I'd like to use a forged axle , but will probably end up with a tube due to overpricing!
I am also still up ion the air about steering. I have a under cowl steering box from a older race car ( alum unit) that would look awesome. However to use it I would need to build a rugged structure under the dash/ cowl to support it.Read that as ALOT of extra work!
Sorry to run on and bore you all , but thats it in a nut shell. I hope to have a couple "mock up" pictures up in a day of so.
Thanks for having me!
Glad to have you. Great advice on this site. Make sure to post pictures of build.
All righty then ............... stroke of luck ! I was given a free axle!!! 40's Ford axle already drilled with 11 holes. Anyone have any spindles they are giving away ...............just kidding !

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