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Rear Axle Dolly

Baby Huey

New Member
Ok, I'll be the "Bald Headed Step Child" and the first to post a thread here...:razz:
Some have asked about the Rear Axle Dolly I made so I will post the pics here and a little information about the build.
Material: I used some 4" Steel Channel as I had some left over from a project. Tubing or smaller channel would work fine. I used some pipe cut in two for the axle cups.
The plates are 1 1/2"X 1/4" steel, bolts are 3/8-16 with wing nuts for hand adjusting.
The casters are 4" swivel, with brakes on the side ones, very handy holding things in place while you make welds or clamp things down.
Wood will also work if you like to use wood.
I made the cradels or arms adjustable in height, that way if I don't have the wheels avail. I can adjust the height to the centerline (Measure some wheel tire combos) of the wheels/tires.
I also added a piece of threaded rod to the front leg to act as a pinion support to adjust the pinion angle.
Feel free to make changes to suit yourself... "BH"




Thanks BH, A lot of us old guys will find this helpfull.


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