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rear coil springs


I have rear coil springs not coilovers in my bucket.What weight spring would you recommend? I am 225 lbs now when I sit in it it settles about a 16th of an inch and rides like a lumber wagon.Due to funds I am staying with regular coils. number on spring is jzm 6208
Do you know what the springs came out of? Youngster has recommended the use of Chevette rear coils, they are a progressive type. Should go in place of the Corvair coil others have used. Ron correct anything that is wrong or not complete.
measurements all add up to chevette spring except inside diameter is 3.5 instead of 3.88
do you have a piece of tubing that the coil fits over or is the a pocket it fits into?

It fits into a pocket on top and bottom.I found a place to get the spring just want to know what weight spring I should have?
just a guess here, if the coils are straight up and down i'd try 120#. might want to see if you can return or exchange them before you buy them.

Years ago Car Craft did a series on building a T bucket from scratch. Very good series. Anyway, they used Corvair front (I think) coil springs on all four corners. I actually got to see a T bucket that a guy built exactly like that car from the series, he followed it to a T (no pun intended :lol:) I was surprised how good it actually looked and he said it rode great too.

that was the one the bay area roadsters built with dick sckechfields money. they used the rear 'vair coils on the front and the front ones on the back. later they swapped out the front ones on the car for a pair of front corvair's. they said the rear ones where too stiff. i've used the 'vair coils and they are ok but the chevette ones have a tappered wire so they are a varible rate spring. still a little stiff but a lot smoother, not so bone jarring. that was some time ago but ithink we lined the cups with a strip of urathane. stopped the squeeking anyway.

It is possible to use most any light car coils, they just need to be farther ahead of the rear axle if they are heavy riding at all, think nut cracker and you can make them all work great. :welcome: Can't remember now, which chevy (maybe all GM cars) that used to have the coils mounted on the lower suspension arm, a very good nut cracker setup to think about.. :D

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